The Kings - a love story

This new age love story took the world by storm when Ian King was outed by Instagram, as someone who wanted to be known as Angelina Mead King. With the cat being let out of the proverbial bag, Angie decided to step out in her heels and live her life openly as a woman, with the full support and love of her family and friends, and especially her wife, top model, Joey Mead King

I was the Executive Producer and Director of this special one-off documentary. I wanted to tell their love story – that love is about the heart and soul of the person, going beyond all the external trappings. Angie is still the same person who enjoys adrenalin pumping activities like racing fast cars, being a serial entrepreneur, supporting charities. She just does it now with a perfectly made-up face, heels and a killer manicure. 

Originally, the show was going to be a passion project to be distributed digitally, but Discovery approached us to collaborate on it, and hence, TLC SEAsia became its new home. 

When the show launched, TLC SEAsia adopted a hybrid model of traditional and digital broadcast strategies, to work around content restrictions in certain countries in the region – ahead of its time in 2017. Its launch on Facebook ‘live’ attracted 2 million Facebook viewers with an overwhelming response of love and support for the pair. 

‘The Kings’ was nominated and a finalist at the Asian Television Awards in 2017, under the ‘Best Editing’ category. 

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