Photography Workshop with Children’s Wishing Well​

Photography workshop at Children’s Wishing Well

Looking through inspirational photography examples to identify creative tools used

Photography Workshop at Children’s Wishing Well

One of the charities I’ve supported for years is Children’s Wishing Well, an organisation that supports the educational and daily living needs of disadvantaged students. I value the work that they do in terms of equipping the children with the tools they need to navigate life.

What started out as a monthly food delivery volunteer programme turned into a great opportunity for me to conduct holiday photography workshops for the students.

Combining my years of experience in teaching, programme development and photography knowledge, I designed an accessible workshop for the children to understand basic concepts in composition techniques and basic photo editing skills. The activities were scalable by age group and adjusted during the workshop progression to match the pace of learning.

The workshop sessions have been fulfilling as I was able to witness the growth and confidence of returning participants; while also being able to get the children to be engaged in the process and realise how they can apply these new skills in their daily lives where sharing photos is a norm.

“The session with the youths was really extremely well-facilitated. The youths benefitted very much from the attention and guidance you had given them. We were really very encouraged to see you bringing out another side of our youths – one that is focused and fully engaged with what they needed to do.”

Chee Siong, Senior Manager (Programmes Planning)

“Thank you once again for conducting a very engaging photography workshop for our children and youths! 😊
The lesson was easy to follow, and we were glad to see them applying the photography concepts during the practical session. It was also heart warming to watch you guided each beneficiary during the practice and providing immediate and constructive feedback along the way. We were sure the children and youth enjoyed the learning experience.”

Devi, Executive (Programmes Planning)