Hello. I am Joan.

I communicate through words, photos, and videos.

About Me

Not many people know that my foray into the working world was as a speech and drama and English enrichment teacher. I taught students from pre-school to high school levels, wrote curriculum, and conducted teacher training courses for our teachers in China. It is through that training that I learnt the importance of communicating in a clear manner that reaches into the minds and hearts of the intended recipient.

As a child, I grew up in a traditional Asian household that valued the importance of books over entertainment. When I was older and finally had autonomy to install a television in my room, I was hooked onto the fantasy worlds created. (Hello, The Bachelor!)

When the world did not shut down because of Y2K, I was introduced to digital photography and CSS. I grew to like the idea of combining photos and text to tell the story and often spent my weekends holed up in my room constantly creating new designs for my blog – I stubbornly refused to get onto the blogspot bandwagon, much preferring to hone my coding skills back then.

I was a photojournalist with The New Paper, a fun newspaper (with an equally fun photo team) that chased stories which pushed boundaries. I also was a stringer with the Associated Press, giving me opportunities to cover the gamut, from the headlining concerts at the Formula 1 night race, to large corporate events for Shell, to being on set with Emmy-award winning reality show, Top Chef.

How I ventured into television production work, started with me being the on set photographer for Singapore’s first reality show, Eye for a Guy, a dating show. I was at the birth of, Singapore’s first YouTube channel awarded the Gold Play Button; and I produced other large format shows such as The Amazing Race (Asia, Israel, Philippines, Ukraine, Australia – which was nominated for the International Emmy), Cash Cab (Asia, Philippines), Asia’s Next Top Model, to name a few. More details to be found on my LinkedIn.

My media career would not have been well-rounded without my stint at Mediacorp Channel 5 as head of commissioning, working on the programming slate for the channel, giving me an in-depth knowledge of understanding the audience consumption patterns and behaviours.

In recent years, I’ve worked in the content marketing space, producing digital branded content; going back to my tenets of communication of producing stories, on the digital platform, and evolving with the fast changing needs content consumption. I currently am tasked to grow content for Subaru TV, whilst also producing branded and product content pieces to engage better with our customers.

Photography Instructor

I worked with Leica Akademie Singapore to conduct a series of classes on creative ways of seeing, being the first female instructor to work at the Akademie.

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

I have been a volunteer photographer for charity organisation, Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep since 2008. We help parents take professional photos of their babies who have died or are dying at birth. I spoke about the volunteer work at a TEDx talk in 2018. The video and more information about the organisation can be viewed here, or under the ‘Causes’ tab.