Forum Moderator: Culture & Identity
Female moderating an online forum

I was given the opportunity to moderate a global discussion session on identity and culture today. It was an enlightening session, and during the course of prepping for it, it made me dig deeper into issues on microaggression and checking one’s own privilege.

While nerve-racking initially – was absolutely terrified of making a gaffe with such a sensitive topic – I had a great time speaking with the panellists, and hearing their stories.
Without going into the details of the discussion, here are my takeaways from the session:
  1. Intent is so important in our interactions with people. As a receiver, we should try to assume positive intent (unless proven otherwise). As the communicator, we should always be mindful to check our intent – why are we asking these questions? Are we trying to confirm our bias?
  2. Do not be afraid to speak up and ask questions. However, also be mindful to whom or where we are asking these questions. Pick someone you can have meaningful discussions with, and preferably, take it offline.
  3. Recognise that how someone behaves towards you is actually a reflection of the relationship they have with themselves, you will cease to react. But remember, the converse is also true – how we treat others is a reflection of our relationships with ourselves.